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embryo development:
in the first five days the cells begin to develop in to wings or legs.
after ten day the heart starts beating the vascular system has formed
the embryo forms into a c shape. most of the embryo parts can be identified.
by the fifteenth day the claws and wings start to form
at the 21st day the chicken is ready to break out and starts to use its own lungs.

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egg fertilisation:
the female sotres the roosters sperm in her oviduct for later when she is ready to lay an egg
it takes around about 12 day for a hen to lay an egg.


an incubator is a place to keep eggs to help them develop in a optimal conditions.
it helps the embryo develop by making the conditions very humid.
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preparing eggs for sale:
receival: refrigerated trucks deliver the eggs and they are kept in humidty controled rooms
reoiling: the eggs natural oils are removed and re coated and cleaned.
Quality testing: to ensure that the best eggs are availble for consumers the eggs yolk height and weight are all tested.
candling: the eggs are passed over a strong light so they are able to see inside of them. if a blood vessel or a crak is found then it will be removed.
stamping: the packets are stamped with unique codes.
grading: eggs are mechanically weighed and sorted into different sizes called grades.there are between three and five major grades.
Packing: the graded eggs are placed into cartoons and a best before date is applied to each carton then they are transported to the shop that needs them.

lice: are small wingless insects they feed on dry skin,scabs and feather parts.
mites: are smaller than lice they are also wingless and feed on the chickens blood.
pesticides to treat lice and mites are available dusts, wettable powders,liquid sprays and resin strips.
Birds will have decreased egg production, decreased weight gain, increased disease susceptibility and decreased food intake.
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layer chicken breeds: