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Frostys assignment

Embryo Developement

Egg fertilization- an egg get fertilized by first the sperm enter the chicken throught the down the cloacka down to the oviduct frpm there
, the sperm make their journey through the reproductive organs of the Female. then the sperm fertilizes the yoak in the ovaries to the other parts of the reproduction system such as.
  • The magnum add 40% of the albumen to the developing egg that takes about 3 hours
  • Infundibulum is where the process of fertilisation happens in a chicken the process takes about 10-15 minutes
  • The isthmus adds 20% of the albumen and add the shell membranes to the eggs process takes 75minutes
  • Vagina the vagina add the shell colour to the egg
  • The uterus add 40%of the albumin and adds all of the shell its also called the shell gland takes 18-20 hours
  • The ovary is where the egg gets its hormones and starts off as it travels the reproductive system

Link: How Do Chickens Fertilize Eggs? |

Incubation- an incubater is an artificial device that hatches fetilized eggs wiht out the chicken using the right enclosed heat temperature.The incubater uses the best humidity heat and conditions too assimilate a chicken as it was laying an egg. the conditions are imprtant because the incubaters are specially desighned to asimmilate the exact same conditions that a chickon would have as if it was laying that exact egg.