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Embryo Development

  • The chicken embryo develops for 21 days and its goes through a process by building the whole body such as the hearts, brain, legs etc.
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Egg Fertilization

  • The female chicken fertilize her egg by mating with a roster.
  • It takes 28 days for a hen to lay an egg.
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  • An incubator is a small little heater which keeps the eggs nice and warm while going through the process of being made before hatching.
  • It helps the egg because it need the right temperature to grow and develop which the mother usually does by sitting on top but the incubator does the same thing.
  • The conditions inside the incubator are between 30 - 37 Celsius degrees and the typical humidity is >95%.
  • These conditions are important because if its too cold or too hot the egg wont develop.

Preparing Eggs for Sale

  • Receival: The refrigerated trucks deliver the eggs from the farms to the testing floors.
  • Re-oiling: The cleaning process removes natural oils on the egg shells that help keeps eggs fresh.
  • Quality Testing: To ensure the best quality eggs are available for consumers.
  • Candling: The eggs which remain on the conveyor belt are passed over a strong light.
  • Stamping: Some grading and packing floors stamp their eggs with a unique code detailing of origin and day the egg was processed.
  • Grading: Eggs are mechanically weighed and sorted into different sizes and packed.
  • Packing: The graded eggs are placed into cartoons and a 'best before' or 'use-by date is applied to each egg carton.

Layer chicken breeds

  • Light Sussex: Tail is black-tipped and neck covered with black lacing. White flesh - making it a popular table bird.
  • White Leghorn: Small-bodied white bird. Good egg-producer. Produce white eggs
  • Rhode Island Red: Medium-sized bird. Reddish-black with yellow. Lays brown eggs. Is a dual purpose breed - used for egg laying and meat production.