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embryo development:


This is the life cycle of a chicken egg and it take 21 days for the egg to form a baby chicken

Egg fertilisation: The egg is in the ovarys for 10 days and the sprem stas in the infundibulum for 15 mins and then it goes in to the ovary and that is when the egg is fertilised.

A hen can lay to eggs every 3 days and some chicken can lay and egg every day.


The temperture has to be 99.5 degrees, The humidty for day 1-18 and 70 to 80% for the last frew days.

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Preparing eggs for sale:

you have to have a chicken and you have to wait for the chicken to layegg and then you can sell them to the shop or people.

Layer chicken breeds:

The white leg horn has a small white bodied bird, it is a good egg producer and it produced white eggs.